Cyclin D1 (bcl-1)

Dako (DCS-6), Immunotech (5D4) and Novocastra (P2D11F11, DCS-6).

Clone DCS-6 is effective on paraffin wax-embedded tissue. We have found that microwave antigen unmasking in Tris buffer produces an optimum immunoreaction. Other laboratories have found the strongest staining intensity with lowest background staining was achieved when both microwave and sonication-induced epitope retrieval methods were used.

The G1 cyclin gene, cyclin D1 (PRAD-1, CCND-1), located on chromosome 11q13 (Motokura et al, 1991), exhibits characteristics of known cellular oncogenes (Schuuring et al, 1992). It plays an integral role in normal cell growth control and a complementary role in the in vitro transformation of cultured cells (Hinds et al, 1994; Hirama & Koeffler, 1995). Mechanisms of abnormal 11q13 regulation leading to cyclin D1 overexpression include genomic amplification in a variety of carcinomas (Proctor et al, 1991; Foulkes et al, 1993; Karlseder et al, 1994), characteristic t(11;14) (q13; q32) reciprocal chromosomal translocations in mantle cell lymphoma (Williams et al, 1991; Ott et al, 1996; Brynes et al, 1997) and chromosome 11 pericentric inversions in parathyroid adenomas. Together, cyclin D1 and cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk) activities are required for completion of the G1/S transition in the normal mammalian cell cycle (Bartkova et al, 1994). Further, cyclin D1 inhibits the growth suppressive function of retinoblastoma tumorsuppressor protein (Ewen et al, 1993). Cyclin D1 is a 36 kD protein with a maximum expression of cyclin D1 occurring at a critical point in mid to late G1 phase of the cell cycle. Recombinant prokaryotic fusion protein is used as the antigen to raise antibody to cyclin D1 (class IgG2a). In normal tissues, cyclin D1 expression is restricted to the proliferative zone of epithelial tissues and is absent from several other tissues such as lymph node, spleen and tonsil.

Many neoplasms, including mantle cell lymphoma, parathyroid adenomas and a spectrum of carcinomas including breast, supradiaphragmatic squamous cell, ovarian and bladder transitional cell carcinomas demonstrate overexpression of cyclin D1 antibody on paraffin sections. Immunohistochemical demonstration of nuclear cyclin D1 protein was observed in 75% of mantle cell lymphoma and was not found in normal B cells and other B-cell lymphomas (including follicle center cell lymphoma, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, lymphocytic lymphoma and MALT lymphoma) (Ott et al, 1996).

Cyclin D1 is useful to distinguish mantle cell lymphoma from the other low grade B-cell lymphomas. Breast cancer tissue may be used as a positive control.

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Manual of diagnostic antibodies for immunohistology / Anthony S.-Y. Leong, Kumarasen Cooper, F. Joel W.-M. Leong.