Tissue MicroArrays

Tissue microarray has emerged as a great breakthrough in the field of histotechnology. This technique allows for multiple patients to be reviewed on the same slide by a pathologist with the aid of a computer. Once the tissue microarray is constructed and sectioned, a wide range of staining techniques can be performed, such as IHC, IF, ISH, special stains and even QC controls for H&E stains. A practical histological approach and method will be discussed, to present the purpose, design, block selection, array construction and sectioning of tissue microarrays.

Monitoring the expression of thousands of genes simultaneously is possible with DNA microarray analysis. A DNA microarray consists of thousands of individual, closely packed gene-specific sequences attached to the surface of a glass microscopic slide. By coupling microarray analysis with the results from genome sequencing projects, researchers can analyze the global patterns of gene expression of an organism during specific physiological responses or developmental processes.

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